Why choose ParidConsulting?

Conceived long before its founding, Parid Consulting, comes as one of the most serious consulting studios in the country, to meet the needs of clients and individuals seeking to achieve professionalism.

Parid Consulting has a team of dedicated professionals in different fields where they hold various professional titles. Academic achievements as well as professional experience in leadership roles in the banking and accounting studios, bring to you a dignified service that reflects our values and abilities.

We take care of your business from the very first steps by providing project analysis to their implementation.

Studio offers a complete package of services to local and foreign entities such as financial consultancy, banking and fiscal, business plans, start-up activities, bookkeeping accounting, credit analysis, evaluation of real estate and human resource training.

Our goal is to establish a structure to support our customers in their daily work and duties, providing personalized and value-added services, in accordance with changes in their requirements.

The serious work and dedication we have shown to our satisfied clients has made us grow progressively by expanding our reputation as a prestigious studio. We are your reliable partner to provide the best professional solutions focusing at efficiency and effectiveness, making the right financial decisions.

Our staff